KarfaslandCBD is an industrial scale producer of THC-free broad spectrum CBD Oil, CBD Isolates & crystals, CBD distillate and full spectrum CBD. Our CBD is derived from American-grown industrial hemp. We utilize a proprietary technology platform that allows products with up to 90% concentration of CBD without THC. We provide high purity CBD isolate, and THC-free broad spectrum CBD oil of any potency. All of our products are third party tested to be free of pesticides, solvent residues, and heavy metals. We can fulfill large contracts >100 kg/mo.

Infinite Goal

Enabling greater access to Industrial Hemp Derived Cannabinoids through deep science, policy and education.

KarfaslandCBD – Company Profile

  • Leading supplier of Broad Spectrum THC-free Broad spectrum CBD Oil and CBD Isolate.
  • We employ 30 engineers, scientists (including 8 Ph.D’s, 2 MD’s, 2 MA’s), and operators.
  • We own and operate a 200,000 square foot facility, near Provo, capable of producing up to 1,000 Kg/month.
  • We are QA/QC, ISO, and cGMP compliant.
  • We have planted 240 acres of industrial hemp in partnership with farmers across Utah.




CBD Isolate





The Finest CBD Products On the market

As CBD manufacturers and CBD oil distributors, KarfaslandCBD is your direct link to the white label CBD market. We offer bulk CBD oil, distillate and tinctures, bulk CBD gummies, and the opportunity to private label our products to increase your product offerings and sales.

Full-Spectrum CBD Oil

Our full-spectrum CBD oil is a “whole-plant” extract containing all compounds in the cannabis plant. These naturally-occurring therapeutic elements include flavonoids, terpenes, various cannabinoids such as CBG and CBN, and trace amounts of THC in amounts allowed by law and industry standards (less than 0.03%)

Broad-Spectrum CBD Oil (Zero THC)

Our broad-spectrum oil is a refined version of the full-spectrum extract. All of the therapeutic compounds found in the full-spectrum oil are preserved. We then carefully remove the THC molecule completely. This extract delivers enhanced therapeutic benefits without the risk of psychoactive effects of THC.

99.6%+ CBD Isolate

Our CBD isolate is the purest form of the CBD molecule in powder form. All other plant compounds and cannabinoids have been removed. This form of CBD is perfect in applications requiring exact measurements.