77% Pure FED Fully Enriched Distillate Quality Hemp Extract

This highly-purified CBD distillate oil is extracted at our lab in Colorado. Our distillate contains 80 – 90% total cannabinoids and is under 0.3% delta-9 THC.

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Product Description

FED Fully Enriched Distillate >77% Pure
Over +77% Pure FED Fully Enriched Distillate above the standards of a.n.other factory
Because our CBD distillate is ultra-refined, after extraction, the resulting oil is very light and a powerful, tasteless, odorless and pure form of cannabis concentrate that is very consistent, solvent-free and completely decarboxylated and activated and thus ready for intake and use


KarfaslandCBD CBD Full Spectrum distillate can be infused in skin care, beauty and numerous other topical products.
By simply adding a few drops of the >75% Pure FED Fully Enriched Distillate it enriches the product with cannabinoids used for treating and preventing various skin and pain conditions


Our >77% Pure FED Fully Enriched Distillate is uniquely produced from the most precious ‘exquisite fruit’ the resin rich flowers and leaves of the hemp plant. Other do not use nor afford the best part of the plant and produce cheap lesser benefit isolate that is likened to making Strawberry Jam from the stalks and selling on the fruit for separate profit whilst keeping their isolate extract prices low!
Using the full plant extract, the resin rich flowers and leaves, (the ‘exquisite fruit’ of the plant) not afforded by competitors, yields us the highest quality extract

We care about our end products. And we care about our farms. We know the value of each and every hemp plant, as well as the process they must go through from Seed to Product. This is where other manufacturers fall down.
At each stage in the manufacturing process, from Seed to Product, there are opportunities for beneficial elements of the hemp plant to be lost or damaged. There are also opportunities for toxins and residues to make their way in. Without stringent and consistent CBD industry standards and regulation, it is all too easy for final products to differ enormously in potency, authenticity, THC content and more

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